Southern Grace

The lovely Grace from the southern half of the US was in my city for business and had me take some boudoir shots of her for her hubby for Valentines day.  We had a blast not just during the shoot but before and after as we had great discussions about life and all that.  She’s a super awesome lady!




Pearls, Suds, and Her Weapon of Choice…

The lovely Courtney had some very unique and amazing ideas for her boudoir shoot!  We, of course, had to take some classic shots with pearls and heels, but then we moved on to silhouettes with her hand gun and even some daring shots in the shower!  This was one of my favorite shoots and I LOVE how personalized it was!  So without further ado, here are some pictures from our day…





The Delps

I first met Brandi and Justin thirteen years ago when we were all teenagers working at the local roller skating rink.  I like to tell myself that I had a hand in them getting together as a couple, but it’s probably not true!  They have been together ever since and have two beautiful little boys now.  Two boys who both recently had birthdays!  We met in celebration to take family pictures with a lot of focus on the boys 😀




Lindsay and Her Boys

Yesterday I met Lindsay and her two little men at a park for some family photos.  The boys were very patient with me as we walked to good locations and kept stopping for shots.  They did such a great job and were very happy when we were done and they got to play on the playground!





I was surprised and excited to receive a phone call from my cousin in early August.  We lived together when we were younger for a few years and had been like sisters, but have fallen our separate ways over the past few years and moved apart.  She was calling to say that she was interested in me coming to visit and taking some boudoir photos for her upcoming anniversary/partner’s birthday.  Did I say I was excited?!  So over Labor day weekend I packed up the car with my two kiddos and hubby and we headed out on the 14 hour drive to Philly.  We spent the weekend visiting, touring, eating delicious local food, and taking some pictures.  The purpose of our trip was a secret from everyone else so we may have had to lie a bit to her boyfriend and family, but it was all with good intent 😉  Without further ado, here is my beautiful cousin Christi.  Love you!





The Debruhl Ninjas

A mama friend of mine recently made costumes for her family to wear to the Indy GenCon.  They all dressed as characters from the show Naruto.  She has three sons and a daughter.  Her sons dressed as Sasuke, Gaara, and Naruto; while she, her husband and their daughter were just leaf village ninjas.  They got lots of compliments on their costumes at the convention and wanted to commemorate the occasion with photos.  We met at a nice little park just north of Broadripple and walked through the woods taking pictures and letting the kiddos explore as we went.  When we were done with our walk we headed to a grassy area for some play fighting and fun.  Here are just a few pics of our day 🙂